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Long Grain Brown Rice 4% 25lb


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Long Grain Brown Rice

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Long Grain Brown Rice cooks up fluffy and won't stick together, making it a popular selection among the rice varieties. This rice is especially useful in stuffing, pilafs, salads, casseroles and stir-fry dishes.

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May 16th 2021

USA grown rice wow

I was so excited to find this brown rice that is USA grown. I use it for everything. I have not found anyone who does not like this rice, even people who are used to white rice.


Ian Goddard

Feb 24th 2021

A fine rice @ a great price!

I'm totally happy with this rice that is also, after shopping around, the best price that I found. It cooks up delicious with 1 cup rice + 2 cups water (seasoning to taste) for 30 minutes high pressure in my Instant Pot.



Nov 6th 2020

USA brown rice

Best Rice I've ever had. AND USA GROWN.