Quick Oats 50lb

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Quick Oats (sometimes called instant oats) are made from kilned, steel-cut oats processed by flaking and steaming. Quick Oats are commonly found in pouches with seasonings and sweeteners for a quick and nutritious breakfast. These oats are also used in breads, bars and granola.

Ingredients:Whole Grain OatsAllergens: This product does not contain egg or egg products, milk or milk products, peanuts or peanut products, tree nuts or tree nut products, seafood or sulfites. Oat products may contain measurable amounts of barley, rye, wheat, triticale, and soybeans from the grain handling process as allowed by the U.S. Grain Handling Standards and the Canadian Grain Commission.

Gluten Free: No
Non-GMO: Yes
Kosher: Yes
Organic: No


(No reviews yet) Write a Review