Sweet & Spicy Snack Sticks 2/2.5lb

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Product Overview

Sweet & Spicy Snack Sticks are made with a mixture of chicken and beef and are seasoned with a delicious blend of brown sugar and spices for a sweet, spicy and smoky taste in every bite! Each case consists of 2/2.5 pounds.

Ingredients:Ing: Beef, mechanically separated chicken, water, soy flour, dextrose, flavorings, brown sugar, sugar, salt, corn syrup, smoke flavoring, monosodium glutamate, sodium erythorbate, lactic acid starter culture, sodium nitrite, BHT, TBHQ. **Contains: Soy Ingredients.

Gluten Free: Yes
Kosher: No
Organic: No
Packaging Type: Heat Sealed Bags
Unit Type: Retail Ready


(No reviews yet) Write a Review